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YMAA Retreat Center


YMAA Retreat Center
YMAA World Headquarters
P. O. Box 290
Miranda, CA 95553
United States
Phone: +1 707-502-8739

Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming


YMAA Retreat Center

YMAA Program Classes:
  • Taijiquan Sequence
  • Taiji Qigong
  • Shaolin Long Fist and White Crane
  • Qin Na
  • Qigong
  • Pushing Hands

Visit and Train at the Retreat Center

YMAA Retreat Center

All YMAA students and visitors are welcome to the Retreat Center. So, if you want to learn with Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming you have two options:

The Center is a 240-acre training area located in the natural mountain terrain of Humboldt County, Northern California, which includes off-the-grid solar power, pristine spring water, organic farming and several training facilities and buildings. It's an ideal setting to escape the stress of modern society and immerse yourself in training and study.

Want to Know More About the Retreat Center?

YMAA Retreat Center

You can find more information about the Retreat Center by visiting their website, or reading some articles online.

Want to Get Involved With the Retreat Center?

Contribute with a donation to get involved at the level that's right for you. Every tax-deductible donation from supporters like you will help this nonprofit project to preserve the arts for the next generation.

Videos About the Retreat Center

Below are some videos about the Retreat Center. On "YMAA Netcast Episode 3 Part 2", a video shoot on February 2007, Dr. Yang discusses the Retreat Center project. The other videos were produced by the Retreat Center's disciples during their training period to document their progress and achievements.

Download Video:
Closed Format: "MP4"
Open Format: "OGG"

Download Video:
Closed Format: "MP4"
Open Format: "OGG"

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