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Lodging - YMAA California


The Retreat Center has several lodging options ranging from guest rooms with private bathroom (suite), guest rooms with 2 or 3 beds, cabin rooms with 2 beds, cabin floor, or camping.

Option Cost/Week Cost/4 Weeks Cost/Entire Season
Guest Room
Room #1 (Suite) $300 ($42/Day) $1020 ($36/Day) $1260 ($30/Day)
Room #2 (2 Beds) $260 ($37/Day) $900 ($32/Day) $1130 ($27/Day)
Room #3 (2 Beds) $260 ($37/Day) $900 ($32/Day) $1130 ($27/Day)
Room #4 (3 Beds) $230 ($32/Day) $780 ($28/Day) $1000 ($24/Day)
Cabin Room
Room #1 (Two Single Beds) $155 ($22/Day) $550 ($20/Day) $800 ($19/Day)
Room #2 (Two Single Beds) $155 ($22/Day) $550 ($20/Day) $800 ($19/Day)
Cabin Floor
8 Single Floor Mats $110 ($16/Day) $400 ($14/Day) $600 ($14/Day)
Camping (Tent Not Provided)
  Per Person $60/Person $200/Person $300/Person
  Per Tent $120/Tent $380/Tent $550/Tent
YMAA CA Guest Suite
Suite (Guest Room with private bathroom)
YMAA CA Guest Room
Guest Room
YMAA CA Cabin Room
Cabin Room
YMAA CA Cabin Upstairs
Cabin Floor


This is a partial listing of accommodations available in the vicinity of the Retreat Center. The listed lodging options are not affiliated with YMAA. Each location is listed with phone numbers and a rough estimate of nightly rates for your convenience.

Location Phone Number Nightly Rates Website Link Notes
Miranda Gardens
6766 Avenue of the Giants, P.O. Box 186, Miranda, CA 95553
707-943-3011 Call for rates. Website Quaint cottages and single units. Distance: 5.8 mi
Myers Country Inn
12913 Avenue Of The Giants, Myers Flat, CA 95554
707-943-3259 $180-$230 Website Historic country inn. Distance: 7.9 mi
Best Western Humboldt House Inn
701 Redwood Drive, Garberville, CA 95542-3104
707-923-2771 $120-$140 Website At the entrance of the Humboldt Redwoods State Park. Amenities included. Distance: 14.9 mi
Sherwood Forest Motel
814 Redwood Dr, Garberville, CA 95542
707-923-2721 Call for rates. Website Simple motel within walking distance of coffee shop, restaurants, and movie theater. Distance: 15.1 mi
Benbow Inn
445 Lake Benbow Dr, Garberville, CA 95542
707-923-2124 $115-$500 Website Historic North Coast hotel in Garberville. Distance: 18.8 mi

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