April 28-29/06: Dr. Yang teaching Qinna & Shuai Jiao in

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April 28-29/06: Dr. Yang teaching Qinna & Shuai Jiao in

Postby Artemisalive » Sun Feb 12, 2006 12:12 pm

Come join us in NYC for a great series with Dr. Yang! Dr. Yang returns to aid us in taking our skills to the next level!

Practical Qinna - often talked about but rarely acted upon. Here you get to do it - with Dr. Yang as your coach!

Shuai Jiao - for the first time Dr. Yang will be offering a one-seminar on this essential skill. Learn to control your opponent from the ground up!

Taiji Qigong - 12 simple moves to rejuvenate your system, enable to sense Qi, and develop "soft power".

Visit http://www.artemis-seminars.com/schedule.html to register!

Practical Qinna with Dr. Yang
Date: Saturday April 29th
Time: 9am-5pm
Location: Manhattan, NY

How do you safely enter into a striking opponent to apply the lock? Timing, distancing, trapping and sealing are essential. Those with Qinna experience will be able to practice against punches thrown by progressively more resistant opponents and learn what is needed to be successful. Those new to Qinna will learn the base techniques and glimpse the next level of training. Dr. Yang guides you through the complete breakdowns - two entries and 4 techniques in 3 hours!

Shuai Jiao with Dr. Yang
Date: Saturday April 29th
Time: 9am-5pm
Location: Manhattan, NY

Shuai Jiao teaches the subtle skills of destroying an opponent's root and balance, and throwing him down. These techniques are mixed with the leg sweeps or tripping, and the body's swinging or throwing techniques.
We will look at the most useful Shuai Jiao of Shaolin and Taijiquan. Open to all styles and levels of experience.

Taiji Qigong Primary Set with Dr. Yang
Date: Sunday April 30th
Time: 9am-5pm
Location: Manhattan, NY

Taiji Qigong is an ancient set of exercises used to relax the mind and body while increasing vitality, strength and flexibility and enhancing concentration and focus. Reduce your stress and better your life!

This set of 12 exercises will help you to revitalize your body by opening the spine, deepening the breath and enhancing your ability to sense Qi. Practice once a day and reap the rewards!

The spinal movements you will learn are those needed for the practice of the classical Yang Taijiquan, Taiji Symbol, and Taiji Ball Training. The Taiji Qigong Primary Set will aid you in opening your body, allowing your sense of Qi to penetrate deeply.

For those more interested in the martial aspects, these core rejuvenating movements are the key to developing "whip power" and adding supple strength into your Qinna. Learn them today - relax, increase your health, and create the foundation for power generation!

In this 6-hour workshop, taught by Dr. Yang, you will learn:

    Regulate the Breathing
    Big Python Softens Its Body
    The Qi is Sunk to the Dantian
    Expand Clean the Body
    Pour Qi into the Baihui
    Push the Mountains
    Settle Wrists & Push Palms
    Large Bear Swimming
    Open the Mountain
    Eagle Attacks Its Prey
    Lion Rotates the Ball
    White Crane Spreads Its Wings
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