Three Fighting Methods of Xingyiquan

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Three Fighting Methods of Xingyiquan

Postby ZERO » Wed May 03, 2017 1:38 pm

•借法/Jie Fa - Borrowing Method


Movement used to discipline Stillness is the Borrowing Method

•上法/Shang Fa - Superior Method


Stillness used to wait for Movement is the Superior Method

-However, it is crucial to remember Xingyiquan's Overall Strategy:

借法容易上法難, 還是上法最為先。

The Borrowing Method is easy & the Superior Method is difficult, however the Superior Method should be first.

•捷取人法/Jie Qu Ren Fa - Obtaining Victory Over People Method


The Method for obtaining victory over others is to carefully take the terrain into consideration. The Fist strike rises like the wind, the hands must be quick, the feet must be light, grasp the pattern to walk around like a moving cat, the Xin must be upright, & the eyes gather essence. When the hands & feet simultaneously arrive in place you will win. If the hands arrive but the feet do not arrive, then striking people cannot be subtle. If the hands arrive & the feet also arrive, then striking people is like pulling up grass.
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