beginners question

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beginners question

Postby hanz » Fri Oct 10, 2014 6:30 am

Hi All,

I feel lucky in finding this forum. Many many years ago (early eighties) I was introduced to taiji and qigong. Being a practioner of japanese karate for some years, my main focus was on that. During the years I kept doing the version of baduanjin I learned, along with the short 24 yang form taiji. I also practiced some standing qigong (ritsu zen we used to call it, as it was via taikiken (japanese yiquan) that I learned this practice). This "internal" practice was half-heartedly (on and off) and lacking any breath/ mind concentration, so outward movements only, entertaining the mind with wandering here and there. Now, at 55, I was recently diagnosed with a degenerative neurological movement disorder (Parkinson's). Time to clean up the qi act and get serious. I have a set of books of Dr Ming, and the articles on this site (and others) are crammed with info, but so much (and sometimes seemingly conflicting) it somehow makes me unshure as how to go about. I want to ad the qi visualisation/breath concentration during my baduanji and taiji. How do I do this best as a beginner? What I do now looks like this: while Inhaling, I visualize a light entering through the top of the skull and traveling down to the tantien, forming a glowing ball, and while exhaling, I exped "ball"energy through the points in my palms and soles of the feet. But I also read that many other visualisations can be effecive, like drwaing energy from teh earth etc. Any tips /directions to basic practices are welcome.
Thanks in advance!
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