Reincarnation & related topics.

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Re: Reincarnation & related topics.

Postby Dvivid » Thu Mar 27, 2014 7:44 am

OK, I stand corrected. I rely on whatever facts I can find online, but of course, people twist data for their purposes.

Im not an expert on Christianity, just someone seeking the obvious truth: that all religions talk about the human soul, and there is only one truth to be found.

However, there is something fundamentally wrong with this sentence:
the pre existence of the soul has nothing to do with reincarnation.

This is a qigong forum, so we're talking about human energy, and its process of transformation; what the Buddhists refer to as the mindstream.

What else do you have to offer this conversation, regarding more specifically the process of reincarnation (aside from "you are not arguing against it")?
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Re: Reincarnation & related topics.

Postby joeblast » Thu Mar 27, 2014 8:18 am

Villicus wrote:We are not bogged down in the topic of Christianity, but rather trying to establish whether reincarnation was part of Christianity in the early days. You mentioned Origen as being a proponent of reincarnation. Did you know that he wrote extensively against it? His argument for the pre existence of the soul has nothing to do with reincarnation.

"If the doctrine [of reincarnation] was widely current, ought not John to have hesitated to pronounce upon it, lest his soul had actually been in Elijah? And here our churchman will appeal to history, and will bid his antagonists [to] ask experts of the secret doctrines of the Hebrews if they do really entertain such a belief. For if it should appear that they do not, then the argument based on that supposition is shown to be quite baseless"

That is only one of many that Origen wrote against reincarnation.

Dogma is nothing more than a logical conclusion based on established truth. Even science has dogma. It is not exclusive to the world religions. It is not a tool or something to control or dominate. That is just another modern myth used to prevent free thought. You wrote:
First, as far as translations of biblical texts go, I much prefer the older Babylonian cuneform clay tablet versions of these same stories. It tells a much longer, richer story of our history. These original texts have been re-edited, shaped with different interpretations, and pared down over the centuries.


...and they never addressed the logical fallacy of the preexisting soul somehow not implying reincarnation? If your soul existed before your body, it exists after.

but with a swipe of the hand through the air, its declared baseless. I lol'd.

while the dogma concept does have something in common with fact, it is also well known that it is much abused argumentum ad vericundiam

no different than the climate debate, "co2 is a pollutant because our models say it is" and you're a heretic if you point out all the holes in the theory.
Even in mildly complex systems, any outcome is the wrong thing to target, with the process being where the focus should be.
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Re: Reincarnation & related topics.

Postby Villicus » Sat Apr 05, 2014 8:26 pm

Just got back in town and saw a new program called "Reincarnation: Past Lives'. I watched the first episode and it looks pretty good. The host uses past life regression to get info from people and then does research to find historical info based on what is revealed. ... past-lives
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