Tai Chi Ruler

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Tai Chi Ruler

Postby Dvivid » Mon Feb 11, 2013 12:11 pm


I am considering a video about Tai Chi Bang (stick/ruler), in a follow-along, workout format. Anyone here interested in this training?


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Re: Tai Chi Ruler

Postby Monsoon » Mon Feb 11, 2013 3:08 pm

Hi Dvivid,

A couple of years ago I began an exploration of qigong methods and Taiji Ruler came under my scrutiny. I bought a Ruler from Ebay and a DVD by Phil Young from Amazon - I believe there are also DVDs available from Terry Dunn, and Shao Zhao Ming.

The rhythmic exercises (from the Young DVD) were simple to learn and quite relaxing to perform. I used this system for about 6 months. Throughout this time I would say that the greatest benefit I received from it was in reminding me to move parts of my body as a whole (when one part moves, all moves), and it really helped me in approaching Song more readily. Beyond this, I think the exercises for Ruler (in particular) are an ideal in-road to qigong practice for older people whose relative physical condition is not as good as it could be. It is gentle, even paced, relaxed and has a specific object for focus (the Ruler).

Additionally, for more intensity you can replace the Ruler with a heavy ball - but then you already know this as you have a Taiji Ball Qigong DVD/book set out! In some ways Ruler is like Ball LightTM

I cannot speak of the other available DVDs, having not viewed them. Perhaps others can shed some light here.

As for the Tai Chi Bang, the only DVDs that seem readily available are two by Jesse Tsao. One, the 8 Immortal flute routine, looks like a nice Bang set, the other is an adaptation of the Govt. 24 Yang Taiji form to include holding 2 Bangs! I didn't see anything special about this quite frankly.

In response to your question: A DVD/Book for Ruler aimed at the right target demographic (suggest older people/rehab) would have to be correctly pitched and offer something either better presented, new or deeper than existing offerings.

In contrast, the Bang is an excellent training tool for those who are studying Qinna. I would think there would be a lot of interest among your students for this - and I am surprised that you don't already use such a tool in training (though perhaps you do, I may be mistaken). Bang can also be used by students who don't have access to Qinna teaching as it can greatly improve understanding of leverage and so on, as well as being good for various levels of flexibility.

I think Bang is best for your buck (couldn't resist that).

Hope that is of some small use to you!

EDIT: there are other Ruler exponents out there, notably Ken Cohen and the infamous Justin Stone (who claims to be the originator of the system!). I've probably missed a few.
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