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Re: Keeping People Interested

Postby pete5770 » Fri Dec 21, 2012 4:53 pm

wpgtaiji wrote: How can you learn anything if the course if forced? What if the class isnt ready for the next set? Tai chi is about flow and not forcing, yet the curriculum itself is all about force! Big surprise there are conflicts and attrition.

I'm going to speculate that just the opposite is true. Anything that you learn in life is put out there for you to learn. If you don't at least try to embrace it AT THAT TIME you may never get the same chance again. Your way of thinking sounds a bit like letting the students run the class instead of the teacher. If I would have told my violin instructor that I didn't want to try this piece of music or try to hold the bow like this or that she would have said something very similar to "either do or don't do" and if I didn't at least give it a try I would have been told, most likely, to leave and don't come back until I was ready to do it. The student is there to learn and definately not to tell the teacher what he does or doesn't or will or won't do. Tai Chi may be about flow but "conflicts and attrition" arise when the teacher is not in control and not pushing students to do their best.
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