epic quote compilation

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epic quote compilation

Postby Josh Young » Mon Sep 10, 2012 2:07 pm

I thought it would be fun to collect certain quotes here (all from one person) and post them here, some are in better context than others, but I find them all entertaining and I love how they speak for themselves, no need to comment!

We are supposed to do the martial art to make the rest of our lives better. In other words, to live more relaxed, open, caring, etc. If your art doesnt do this for you, it isnt a good art.

People that tell you you can be "gentle" dealing with a hostile situation where the person really wants to hurt you is lying to you and should be killed... well, at least punched in the head, then taken to jail! LOl Dont listen to the hippie BS nor the government propaganda that taiji is soft!

It is confounding to me to realize that you really have no clue about much... Ignorance is bliss, then you mate, are the queen of blissfulness.

mate, you need a new teacher... or maybe, just learn what real martial art is.

Today, a martial art is a joke.

I look every day for "good" taiji on youtube, and have yet to find much if any that is good.

Was it that these arts were always as crappy as they are today?

The martial arts are at the lowest point in 40 years because of the charlatans that have been allowed to prosper.
People no longer care about the martial arts.

Cuz i enjoy wasting my time telling stories.

I truly detest people with their heads up their butts!

Why am I here?

i have a short attention span

mate, this forum isnt meant for discussion. it is a bash fest. Didnt you get the memo?

And i am not looking to be convinced (nothing you could write on a forum could do that). This is a place for discussion, not proving. I dont know why folks forget this

I haven't been on forums much. I am questioning the intergrity of a forum that allows spam bots to post, ruining discussions and the general feeling of the forum. I guess YMAA doesnt want real people. Sad...

I see that you hand out "opinion" to others on this forum. This tells me a great deal about the level of understanding here.

I am not trying to be right. I merely have an opinion that is different from the others (on this board). That no solid evidence has been brought up to disprove what my opinion is based on speaks volumes. Dont call me out for that. In fact, I am beginning to believe that this forum is for people who believe one way, and one way only.

I think this topic, while admirable, is beyond many (including me). in other words, this is sort of like a bunch of pre-schoolers trying to discuss nuclear physics.

when will you admit you are full of it?

I am not sure about you any more... you take things literally. Almost as if you have no understanding of human interaction. Then again, maybe its me.. yes.. that's it. ITs me! :( I cannot get along with posts on an internet forum!! OH how the world is over....

Seriously, do you think I care about kickin the hornets nest?

i didnt want to post here for long.

i have yet to actually start a new thread on this forum

I call it like i see it, and you ask questions then dismiss ALL but those that agree with you or worse, try to give you hints. Stupid mate.. stupid. Why else would you come to a forum? Oh right! Ego recognition! Very taoist of you. Dont get me wrong. I believe there are very few taoist taiji people! Biggest con in martial arts, imo!

mate, you really should post more than you have been. Of course it is an energy blockage (as is 100% of the cases treated by tcm!). Let's start getting more thorough and contribute. You are coming off as a Troll!

It isnt your posts, it is your ignorance that is unsuitable. Me, I am a grumpy bottom, but I have things to contribute

Ego is not good mate (and yes, i should know). If you are going to continue to post on forums, you seriously have to toughen up mate

The problem is, your EGO is too big to be wrong, even though you have no idea what is real.

You have no clue as to what real martial arts are!

You claim to know, but you are shooting in the dark like the rest.

90% of what is called tai chi is rubbish, not any more physical than a walk, and not more martial than a game of chess... opps. bad analogy, as chess is all about beating someone!

It is almost as if you, or your teacher, or worse, your teacher's teacher, picked up a book on taiji and thought "I can fool people with this", and started to teach people.

Cheng manching was a fraud! LOL Ok, not quite, but close!

Look at cheng's movement! Why do people believe words over movement? Oh right! CUZ THEY CAN'T MOVE themselves!

EVERYTHING about your form is incorrect, according to what I know and understand about taiji

mate, you are totally confused!

I find it funny that your teacher didnt show you (because he had no clue) how to make the form you learned into a MORE healthful form.

I only hope that one day, you listen to what I was trying to say here and actually start on a path that can have a chance to give back to you.

The basics we teach are more advanced than the end product of most of the Yang tai chi out there.

You just aren't ready for them since you dont have basics nor a fundamental understanding of anything that is taiji.

You seem hellbent to put up a video of your taiji. Dont worry about it mate. Without a clear understanding of the fundamentals, you dont have anything to show

You have had 40 years to flounder and learn nothing. please just stop and move on.

They dont understand that the taiji form is an illusion.

I have seen video of a dude who links his lineage to Mary Yang, daughter of Sau-chung. Yet, in 30+ years, the dudes form has never adapted. It is still big beginners form, and he is doing GROSS (take what ever meaning you like, they ALL work),

This is your biggest problem. You dont read nor understand. Please, if you are going to start a discussion and reference something, get it right the first time... well, at least the first 10 times (for you). Ignorance is bliss.

what you describe is taiji jibberish. Remember, I dont believe you do anything that resembles taiji. I believe someone taught you Ballet and passed it off and you bought it. And I dont believe you can even do what you wrote

Stop pandering airy-fairy ideas and get real.

f you want to argue, you really need to argue, and not hide behind vagueness. Oh right... this is a forum.

Sorry about that vagueness. It is hard to explain in words ( and i dont have the time ).

Why on earth would you have to relax to do taiji? Oh right! Cuz that is what everyone says!!! Idiots (not you)!

Or, you can just do silly slow movements... Makes a lot of sense to me.

I dont insult slow forms

Most people have no idea.

you dont even understand the fundamentals of taiji (qi for example), so how on earth are you one to talk about basics. In short, because of your previous posts, you have no street cred on anything regarding taiji, at least to me

I renew the fact you have no business posting on an internal arts nor a taiji forum. You have not done one second of taiji nor anything else to warrant such participation on these topics. And worse, you write like what you do know has merit. I assure you, it doesnt.

I would ask you to try it, but that would be a mistake because you dont understand the basics.

I am sorry mate. Did i ever give you the impression that i thought you had any understanding of taiji? I am not sure HOW you got that idea, but if you did, i apologize for letting you think that. I consider you to be a part of the vast majority that have harmed taiji's image, and have made taiji fit for old people and the infirm, not the great MARTIAL art it is. If you have taken offense, look in the mirror.

I call a spade a spade and you are the worst kind of spade (a rusty old shovel).

That they still allow you to post your "ideas" without proof that you actually understand any of it is beyond me. Dvivid is a saint in that respect.

As far as i can tell, you are a troll (seeing that you are treated harshly on 2 forums at least, in your words)... look in the mirror mate. Move on to contemporary dance or whatever you are really doing cuz it isnt taiji.

In qigong, there is much more abuse. This person to which you refer is probably a "hippie" thinking she can save the world with qigong. How absurd!

mate, you are training bullshido!

dont be a moron

If you read the book, "How to Win Friends and Influence people", by Dale Carnegie (c 1936),

Discipline is another overused selling feature of martial arts! It is bogus. Everyone in the world has focus, discipline and confidence in THE area of their lives that they LOVE the most! EVERYONE! SO those "attributes" are not changes.

I tend to get sidetracked trying to make things clear, which, my wife tells me, just confuses the issue

for a guy that claims 40 years in martial arts.. its like you haven't even went to one real martial arts class.

I have no idea who taught you taiji, but i would ask for your money back

and dont listen to _____.. he will lead you astray and not even realize it.

I hope you realize that your first wrong step was having _____ agree with what you say!

because you like to be argue for the sake of arguing, nothing more!

As to the validity of the idea, this belongs in the trash, with the rest of _____ taiji understanding. why we humor the dude, is beyond me.

Mate, being self-taught, you have to realize, your teacher is a fool with respect to martial arts

I wasn't being negative mate.

To tell someone that "its ok" to mix and match when you are learning on your own is ludicrous and borders on destructive that student ever advancing beyond a pathetic rudimentary level.

So please mate, dont call people down because they have different ways of expressing things than you do. Sometimes, we dont know everything. I am trying to HELP this person, not tear them down and sometimes, being blunt and up front is the best way to prevent wasted time energy and keeping a person in the arts rather than pushing them away from the arts (which was the topic of another thread).

Mate, you try to help someone and they just keep on keeping on! LOL

It is my opinion that martial art is a long dead word. As soon as the Japanese created DO versions of their arts, it died.

history is NOT an exact art. It is merely a recording done by the victorious, so its actual value is really quite worthless in the overall picture of TRUTH!) I personally, have no idea. What I do know, is that what I have been shown, I have to accept as being the most accurate and correct "way things happened".

And again, you misunderstood everything about what I wrote.

How many times can i say the exact same thing before it sinks in? nevermind

I think kick boxing ranks up there with ballet dancing (ok, a bit harsh! my apologies).

I have used the Yang style to play around with these things, although, it was only for play (and only a few weeks of "armchair" work)...

Also, when i say i spent time with it, it wasn't dabbling! I tend to look fairly deeply into questions i have (and never just from one source).

Today, what we do know is, if your form has a number infront of it (beit, 13, 24, 48, 37, 88 etc) it has nothing to do with Taiji, and you should find another teacher who can teach you.

Those short forms are BS. There is no taiji in any of them.

People in general, have no clue as to what constitutes taiji. If the form starts with a number, or has a number in it, it isnt taiji!

mate, this is not only your issue! I too started off learning 24. It is really all there is. The problem though is, they were only ever designed for stark beginners, to give them a sense of accomplishment, etc (excluding Cheng manching's form, which is just not good. And all the derivations of that monstrosity).

i took out the other stuff because it is unimportant and rude.

When you actually stop thinking you are "holy than thou", you will realize that truth is not absolute. I know, it is counter-intuitive, but one day, you will get it.

From now on, talk about your self, your style. Dont talk down anyone else

I may have started out on the wrong vein here (the forum), but i have since grown up.

mate, you are a joke! You show a total misunderstanding of what was said. i apologize for attempting to get you involved deeper. You are obviously not able to deal with people. You seem only to exist in your own world. You mistake "needy" for interest in opinion.

Let me dumb it down for you: it is as if you were playing ice hockey, but never ever played on or have never seen ice. It is as if you play golf, but never use a ball nor have seen a golf course. Mate, it is like you are a fish yelling at the top of your lungs that there is no water. You are not doing tai chi, regardless of what you think it is. What you are doing is dance, because you dont understand the essence of that art. You are clueless (if you actually believe what you are typing). Simply, your opinions are meaningless because you are ignorant of what it is you claim to do.

Please dont get me wrong, i have no hostility towards you.

That you havent been banned is a testament to the moderator's patience.

I cannot believe you have not been banned from the forum for trolling! Ihave seen people on other forums get banned for posting legitimate information, never mind this none sense.

you misunderstand the entire art (which is why I made the comments I made previously).

Your ideas on qi are boring mate

I am not arguing, just relaying info!

I never fool with people. just sometimes give them a hard time...

Sorry. This is how my mind works. I look to see the big picture, and there are always things left unsaid.

It is my mistake. This is a YMAA forum, and regardless of what a person's real question is, or what their concern is, a YMAA answer is the only one acceptable. Got it.

The really funny thing for me is, you said you are at this forum because you respect YMMA material. Interesting in itself. Maybe, just maybe, you dont know half as much as you think you do! Good luck buddy. You bore the hell out of me. At first it was interesting, but your clear lack of understanding makes it difficult to take you seriously.

it is my mistake to try to entertain an outside view in this environment. No worries. Good luck with everything.

Why dont we argue about real stuff... oh sorry. Forgot where i was! Only YMAA stuff... so no real stuff

Maybe your teacher would have a different attitude to her practice is someone who actually knew self defence taught her what it actually is. Then again, maybe not.

Interesting idea... though, I dont think you understand "OTHER martial arts" well enough to comment.

Look at karate! The version 99% of people practice was designed for Okinawan school children!

However, chen seems to rely on a totally different idea than Yang (albeit, my experience is rather limited with chen)

I dont really care however, since i am well past the age of having to worry about history! In fact, i never really cared about history, unlike some who seem to live on it (i always thought that living for the past made no real sense, but again, that is me).

I am aware of wudang history!

All history is ONLY the opinion of someone long gone, and as such, is no more reliable than any other opinion. The only reliable judge left to us from the past ISNT the words, but the physical movement, the "traditions" if you will, that remain.

i am not sure of what part of I DONT CARE do you not get, but you can hold to your delusions and I will hold to my delusions.

Students have a funny reaction to teachers. They give them more credit than they deserve.

Well respected? By who? The chinese government? I am sorry, but suck it up. My head instructor was Erle Montaigue

It will never be boring as long as I am around
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