Taiji Free sparring - are there any video demonstrations

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Taiji Free sparring - are there any video demonstrations

Postby leighspost » Mon Dec 10, 2007 4:30 pm

As I am learning the Taiji form I am also learning the applications. I am trying to incorporate them into my free sparring sessions.

Are there any video clips out there on the internet of Taiji used in free sparring? I have seen many videos claiming to be this but they are normally semi-contact kick boxing or just basic brawls.

What I would like to see is Taiji applications used in a non-structured manner i.e. not drills or partner work. This way I can see how thy are applied and how effective each one may be.

I haven't seen any free sparring with Taiji so it would be awesome to watch.

Basically what I am doing at the moment is free sparring without pads. This is structured so I can train technique without the pressure of proper sparring. We free spar slowly trying out techniques. Trying to get them to come naturally and at the right time.

When the technique is nailed then it is incorporated into out padded free sparring sessions. These are trained as to 'real fight' as possible.

I was wondering if there is footage of padded sparring using taiji principals?

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a continuous circle

Postby jfraser » Thu Dec 13, 2007 8:32 am

attach, stick, neutralize, issue, in a continuous circle getting and keeping one hand on this torso at all times so you can "read him". When there opportunity presents itself, Fajin, and move in take over the space where he was standing.

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Postby Dave C. » Sun Dec 23, 2007 10:24 am

You're not going to see taiji in free sparring a lot because the training is very different from what you're used to. You can't just spar and try to stick some taiji into that matrix. Taiji has it's own way of training.

In my school, we do lots and lots of push hands to learn how to open up the opponent. All the standard training regarding push hands applies here. It's a long process to learn how to do this well.

When that has been accomplished, the sanshou then teaches how to attack the opponent's weaknesses with strikes, etc. The sanshou basically closes them back down after tuishou opens them up.

But NO ONE is going to put that on film. I never would. It simply takes too long to learn and is too valuable to be just given out.

One thing that does kind of help as a transition is the sanshou form. Dr. Yang sells a good version on DVD I'm told. This form is used in some Yang lineages to show how the openings are attacked. But you'd have to be fairly advanced with lots of sticking, adhering, and following practice under your belt to get the taiji flavor of fighting out of it. In other words, even with the form you'd need to "unlock" the potential of the moves.
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