Morality training

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Morality training

Postby Phalanxpursos » Sun Oct 21, 2007 2:46 am

You should read & study virtues everyday.

Learn how to distinghuish virtues from vices and understand that each virtue also can become a vice when used with incompetents, but virtues indeed remain virtues when used with excellence.

How to develop a higher moral?

You need; practical skills, wisdom, virtue, goodness, goodwill towards the audience and no direct interest in the outcome of debate. Justice is a very important aspect of Morality, basically if you fuse Morality with Justice you get Retribution. Retribution is morally-correct, but certainly not oppressive.

It's very good to study;
Morality, Virtues, Logics, Argumentation study, Justice, Retribution, Human Rights.
Strategemata Liber Secundus;
"VIII: Restore Morale with Firmness"
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