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Ebook Suggestions

Postby Sanfung » Fri Sep 06, 2013 2:54 pm

I really appreciate both the YMAA books that I purchased for my Barnes and Noble Nook eReader as well as those I have purchased as PDF files. There are a few YMAA books I have been considering purchasing lately, but they are currently only available in print. I did not want to place an order just yet if I can get these texts as electronic books. I prefer them because they do not take up space on my bookshelf and there are no trees to worry about so to speak.

So I was wondering if there were any new eBook releases coming out or if there were a place we could make suggestions on what existing YMAA print texts should see an electronic release. I realize there are tons of legal issues to work out with this, but I thought it was an interesting idea nonetheless.
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