Baguazhang DVD question

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Baguazhang DVD question

Postby buddhafist » Mon Jul 23, 2012 2:57 am

Hi, I´m considering to buy the Baguazhang DVD.

On the trailer I saw that there are conditioning methods that seem to be also covered in Shou-Yu Liangs books (Qigong Empowerment/Kung Fu Elements). Could someone tell how much conditioning is there actually on the dvd, and maybe what methods? I´m mainly interested in this dvd for the conditioning, so it would perhaps complement Liangs great books.

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Re: Baguazhang DVD question

Postby Dvivid » Mon Jul 23, 2012 9:16 am

Hi, there are only a few conditioning exercises really. A partner exercise by Master Yang and Liang, and some post training, including a head-butting (!) exercise.

That epic DVD includes:

Course 1
The Eight Basic Palms
1 Upward Palm
2 Downward Palm
3 Upright Palm
4 Embracing Palm
5 Chopping Palm
6 Scooping Palm
7 Picking Palm
8 Screwing Palm

5. Course 1
Six Basic Leg Postures
1 Arc Stepping
2 Swing Stepping
3 Bow Stance
4 High False Stance
5 Half Horse Stance
6 Single Squat Down Stance

6. Course 1
Baguazhang Qigong
1. Preparation
2. Nourish Elixir
3. Push Mill
4. Rotate Palm
5. Spiral and Rotate
6. Twist Turning
7. Bore and Turn
8. Closing Gong

Complete Qigong Set

7. Course 1
Body Conditioning Training
Bagua Post Training 1
Bagua Post Training 2
2-Person Matching Body Conditioning

8. Course 1
Basic Eight Palms Sequence & Applications
1 Single Changing Palm
2 Double Changing Palm
3 Following Through Palm
4 Reversing Body Palm
5 Turning Body Palm
6 Double Embracing Palm
7 Grinding Body Palm
8 Rotating Body Palm

Complete Set Slow
Complete Set Regular

9. Course 1
Basic Eight Palms Matching Set
1st exchange
2nd exchange
3rd exchange
4th exchange
5th exchange
6th exchange
7th exchange
8th exchange

Matching Set Slow
Matching Set Regular

Course 2
1 Swimming Body Palm
2 Revolving Body Palm
3 Swaying Body Palm
4 Dodging Body Palm
5 Boring and Chopping Palm
6 Turning Body Palm
7 Leading and Carrying Palm
8 Dragon Shape Palm

Swimming Body Set Slow
Swimming Body Set Regular

Course 3
Basic Routines
Learning Deer Hook Sword
Deer Hook Sword Sequence
Applications of Deer Hook Sword

12. Course 3
Basic Deer Hook Sword Routines

13. Course 3
Learning Deer Hook Sword
1st Section
2nd section
3rd section
4th section

14. Course 3
Applications of Deer Hook Sword
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