Training Taijiquan and Kung Fu

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Training Taijiquan and Kung Fu

Postby ufateh » Thu Jul 05, 2018 5:00 pm


I hope everyone is doing well. I have been learning Taijiquan and Kung on my own since the start of this year. I am starting this thread here so that I can get input from all of you, my friends from the YMAA forums who practice the YMAA curriculum and others. I started this thread in the general training area as it pertains to two topics and I didn't want to flood different threads essentially saying the same thing. It would create confusion for others. Also this is an ongoing thread that with highlight my practice. I am currently not near any YMAA schools and I practice on my own. As a background I took two months of Wing Chun during university a few years ago but had to quit due to personal reasons.

During the past few years I have collected almost all the DVDs and books for Long Fist, White Crane and Taijiquan and have been studying the theory and literature. This year I finally started working on Taijiquan and Kung Fu by working on the Taijiquan sequence and Kung Fu fundamentals. I am at an early point in the Taijiquan long form sequence and moving very slowly until I feel comfortable with what I am practicing. I self access myself regularly to the best of my abilities. From a Long Fist standpoint I have started on stretching, basic stances and kicks and will continue on these fundamentals for at least one year before starting to work on the forms.

Due to lack of time, I can practice only for a few hours a day. I usually practice two and a half hours in the early morning every weekday after the morning prayers and practice early in the morning for three hours on Saturday. Sunday I only practice the long form once.

I have made a schedule and I try to stay on schedules most of the times. I take inspiration from the Shaolin/Taiji schedule posted on the retreat center website abet on a small scale. I can submit it if needed.

At this point I am consulting the following DVDs for my sessions
For Taijiquan I am going through the following YMAA material

Taijiquan Classical Yang Style
Tai Chi Qigong
Tai Chi Martial Applications
Tai Chi Ball Qigong
Tai Chi Theory & Martial Power
Tai Chi Secrets of the Yang Style

Tai Chi for Beginners
Taijiquan Classic Yang Style DVD
Tai Chi Martial Applications
Tai Qigong
Tai Chi Ball Qigong 1 & 2

Kung Fu
Shaolin Long Fist Kung Fu
The Essence of Shaolin White Crane

Kung Fu Fundamental Training
Kung Fu Body Conditioning 1 & 2

I do recognize that I need to seek instruction to improve. I am very far from the retreat center even though I am in the same state and I am far from any of the east coast schools. For correcting my form, I plan to eventually take a seminar from the retreat center as well as plan a visit in regular times plus if I get a chance, visit other instructors at the east coast.

Any members out there who have trained from YMAA material and what are you thoughts, experiences and insights. Any advice that you would like to give me in general on training. I would really like to know what you do for your practice.

Kind Regards
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Re: Training Taijiquan and Kung Fu

Postby Dvivid » Wed Jan 23, 2019 12:06 pm

Your commitment is impressive. I can't do your post justice, but wanted to reply and say it is a lot to take on for solo training but so long as you have a schedule, it can totally work. I highly recommend connecting in person at a YMAA seminar somehow, some way.

We make these YMAA books and DVDs truly instructional so you can learn if there isn't a teacher in your area, so you're a perfect example of this sort of self-training.

Keep up the hard work, enjoy your training!
David Silver
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