kua, pelvis, hip, croch and animals alike in the practice?

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kua, pelvis, hip, croch and animals alike in the practice?

Postby luislanca » Sat Jun 17, 2017 5:14 pm

After many years of training and getting stuck in the evolution of my taijiquan I still wonder why this topic isn't discussed and analyzed more deeply than the usual "buttock in and hold the perineum".
From my understanding both in classes and in the master Yang books and videos the subject is almost absent and in taijiquan totally missing. Is there something about this that we are missing?
A good starting point that I found this summer is "secrets of the pelvis for martial arts" from Michael Buhr but in spite of is efforts the treatment of the information is more anedoctical than anything else. It as nevertheless lot's of links for further reading if someone is interested.
Any other resources someone would like to share?
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