Rattan ring and White Crane Kung fu

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Rattan ring and White Crane Kung fu

Postby Thop » Mon Aug 23, 2010 8:58 am


I'm currently training in white crane and long fist and I would like to ask to the member of this forum a few question.

Does the rattan ring have any purpose in any white crane routine ?

I run upon it in a shop under the label "white crane and wing chun training rattan ring", I asked the shop owner who tell me :
"My master had show me one time how to train with it, but it was like 20 years. If you take one and train with it, please come back to me."

I know there is a form in wing chun that use 9inch or more iron ring, I'm more interested by any routine that could exist for white crane (like moving with the 2 legs in the ring in Qi Xing Bu)

Does simple or complex exercise exist ?

What are the relative size of the ring ? ( 16inch or less ?)

Does any material (video or book) exist on those potential exercise ?

(Since I'm foreigner, I would like to apologize any incorrect term in english.)
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Postby yat_chum » Wed Aug 25, 2010 3:18 am

I have never heard of being used outside of Wing Chun and then it memory serves me well it was originally only used by one lineage.
The beginning of this Wing Chun clip looks very much like the Sam Chien form found in many branches of White Crane and as White Crane and Wing Chun share a lot of movements I can't see any reason not to incorporate the use of the rattan ring into your training regime. However having not used a rattan ring myself I can't tell you about the benefits of doing so.

By the way I have never heard of or seen a rattan ring being used for the legs. If you do start to use a rattan ring let us know how you get on.
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