Myofasciitis - stiff leg muscles

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Myofasciitis - stiff leg muscles

Postby RingAndReed » Fri Jan 24, 2014 6:54 am

This forum section is really chok full of captivating threads! But I don't easily find anything about the following:

One of the "joys" (COUGH!) of fibromyalgia is myifasciitis: bunched-up muscle tissue that sometimes feels like knots, sometimes like a garden rake scratching inside the muscle. Essentially, the tissue is bunched-up or stuck and won't slide around as it should. Physiotherapy consists of a variety of means to stretch (thus loosening / freeing ) the muscle.

I find physiotherapy effective for short durations but Taijijuan's effects more permanent. Does anyone know of a Qigong (or such) routine to specifically relieve myofasciitis in the thighs (front and back) and the calfs?

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Re: Myofasciitis - stiff leg muscles

Postby joeblast » Sun Feb 16, 2014 12:49 pm

I'd think taiji would be plenty well comprehensive. But if it doesnt get certain things you need, but a great many others, why search for a different form? I find that slow movement and stretching combined with ostensible static contraction exercises like horse stance, san ti shr, even bagua ding shr do a great job...but I also do a specific spinal chi kung form since I've beaten my back up so badly over the years. Even that, I modified to include extra things to address my own particular injuries. Dont hesitate to figure something out that works for you, you dont need "great for fibromyalgia!!!(^TM" lol) on the wrapper in order for it to be effective ;) Most any good chigung will, just adjust your focus as needed to address your own specifics.

like one of my teachers said, "learn the fundamentals, and its a playground out there" :mrgreen:
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