Mechanical Heart Valve

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Mechanical Heart Valve

Postby ymaajohngo » Sat Sep 14, 2013 1:47 pm

After 8 years of study under an instructor in Maine of a different lineage than YMAA schools, I went to the emergency room for chest cold that was causing concern. I was prescribed Abuterol & had the side effect no one wants - 200lbs of chest pain. I was diagnosed a week later with Aortic Stenosis of a bicuspid valve. The pain never went away. I decided the right thing to do was to leave the school - which I did in an irresponsible way. As a student, I could not foresee putting an instructor or students thru the liability of taking care / monitoring of a heart patient. Martial arts is therapeutic but I don't know of any instructors, regardless of their level, who have had heart attacks and know first hand what exercises are proper for a heart patient.

4 years later and after a blood clot hospitalization, I received a mechanical heart valve. The medication I use thins the blood and keeps the heart at a constant rate. I'm almost at my one year anniversary and feel very zombie-like. I tried practicing a few times and as I suspected it would cause complications. Often the beta blockers are overridden and so I stopped trying after being nauseated and sick for years on end ( without much sleep due to a bounding heart ).

I decided to quit altogether. Walking is the best thing for me. It is the only time I don't feel ill.

I have not given up hope, however. If anyone knows of valve replacement patients whom are healthy and practicing, I'd like to hear from them. I simply can't imagine at the moment ever being healthy again.
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