Unusual injuries and treatments I've seen

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Unusual injuries and treatments I've seen

Postby sangngak » Sun Jun 24, 2012 11:49 pm

(1) In the 60's a friend had his leg crushed from the knee down in a motorcycle wreck. Doctors said they'd have to amputate etc etc. My friend knew TJQ so everyday in bed he visualized doing TJQ form. Over and over. He'd also do , as best he could, the arm motions while visualizing it. In about two weeks, his Doctor came back to town, came to see him, and announced that the two metal plates he'd put between my friends knee and ankle had to be taken out. He said energy seemed to be building up between the plates, charging them like a battery. My friends leg healed and he still teaches TJQ these 40-50 years later.
(2) I've seen two cases where people were seriously injured in KF fights. (with the same person)
Both of them were supposedly dying (per the doctors) and the doctors didn't know what was wrong, so couldn't diagnose. My teacher had a "special" medicine he brought from China, and he dissolved it in Brandy and gave it to these injured guys. Both fully recovered. Understand these fights were not in a MA school.
I've seen others in my 50 plus years in MA, but these two were most memorable.
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Re: Unusual injuries and treatments I've seen

Postby Sanfung » Tue Sep 25, 2012 4:12 pm

I've heard countless studies where mind over body situations are successful for a variety of reasons. I remember hearing about cancer patients who were instructed to envision their white blood cells as a sort of Pac man analogy where they consumed cancerous tissue in their mind's eye. Eventually, it really did have an influence on the patients. The mind's ability to influence the body is incredible. Thank you for sharing that story with us.

You don't happen to know any ingredient in the compound offered by your teacher in that second situation, do you? I mean the special medicine you had referred to in the second anecdote.

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