Recentering after major surgery

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Recentering after major surgery

Postby L.M.Rye » Mon Sep 06, 2010 11:37 pm

Can anyone recommend a good set of exercises or point me at some qi gong to help me reorganize my abdomen after a laparoscopic appendicectomy?

In February I had an emergency appendectomy. The surgery involved inflating the abodominal cavity with CO2, and as one might imagine, this has had a great effect on the circulation and construction of that area of the body.

Shortly after the surgery I restarted practicing taiji and qi gong --it was a great way to recover, actually.

However no matter how deep my posture I feel as if I am not rooted at all. My balance has been terrible and because of the antibiotic I took (levaquin) it is very easy to damage the connective tissues--exploding achilles tendons are actually a part of the warning label--so although I am continuing to improve I must proceed very, very carefully to avoid doing greater damage than usually might be expected from gentle exercise.

Thanks in advance for your expertise!
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