Real violence vs martial arts training

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Real violence vs martial arts training

Postby Dvivid » Tue Apr 30, 2013 12:55 pm

The new DVD by Rory Miller, "Logic of Violence" talks about the reality of fighting and violent street encounters. Very eye-opening stuff from an ex-police Sgt who had the daily job of dealing with violent criminals. ... olence_DVD
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Re: Real violence vs martial arts training

Postby Monsoon » Tue Apr 30, 2013 3:57 pm

There's some interesting stuff in that video.

One of the things that stuck in my mind, after years of active military service, is how situationally unaware most people in society really are. While I don't wish to apportion blame as such, I think that this is a by-product of creating a 'safe' environment to live in. We feel it is safe, we start to relax, our vigilance levels drop. Unfortunately, for those who are disposed to violent actions this creates an ideal medium in which they can ply their acts with virtually no immediate consequences.

Also, an awful lot of people who practice martial arts, even quite serious ones, seem to switch off when leaving the practice and entering the street. It doesn't matter how good you are (either in your head or for real), if you get cold-cocked that is pretty much game over for that fight. The two most common situations where you may have a realistic chance of doing something about it are a) when the assailant wants something from you - say a robber or a sexual deviant, and b) those who are trying to prove themselves by provocative acts - such as young men squaring off.

Watching the animal kingdom is quite illuminating. Although some animals will square off and have a 'my muscles/teeth/antlers are bigger than yours' contest, most animals rarely get surprised in attacks by members of their own species, and when they do they fight back instantly and ferociously. Doesn't guarantee success, but does illuminate the correct attitude and response. And often one will flee at the first opportunity, which is also good.

We are not really so different from our animal cousins, and would do well to learn this.
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