Toe to Toe

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Toe to Toe

Postby Cotton Over Steel » Sun Nov 20, 2011 7:17 pm

Here is a game of truckers, longshoremen, and warehousemen that will give a good test of taking and giving punches. Use at own risk, under professional guidance.

"You both line up facing each other in a horse stance,
at an agreed distance, that usually starts out at fist length.

This distance is tested on each other's shoulders. The shoulders are used for a test area only, by all but wimps. Watch or for the collarbone (clavicle), it breaks with very little pressure.

A non-lethal target is agreed upon, which usually is the abdominal area above the belt.

A coin is flipped, to decide who goes first. one guy strikes the other, in the designated area;
under the rule that the striker's feet cannot step, or leave the ground.
Optionally, to further constrict the punch, additional rules:
no dropping by bending the knees,
no turning of the hips, or
no turning of the shoulders.
Then you switch.

If this goes well, the next area to test is the breast plate (sternum), between the ribs. Best to have some muscle or padding here, some people are not built for it. The elderly might no want to risk their more brittle bones. Stiff people, should avoid this also. Those who are loose enough, can usually crack their breast plate and/or collar bone (chiropractic bone reset popping).

If using the chest area for a target, most usually declare the solar plexus out of bounds. If you are with a trusted partner, and are advanced in Internal Iron Shirt, you might want to try it. I have had good luck. Even if you prevent the internal damage in a solar plexus strike, there is danger of that small triangular bone, snapping, and puncturing something; causing a hemorrhage. If a wide striking area is used, this usually does not happen."

More at: ... -tests.php
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