Silat vs Wing Chun (mma thailand)

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Silat vs Wing Chun (mma thailand)

Postby John the Monkey mind » Sun Nov 13, 2011 6:05 am

I came across this interesting video and thought I would post it as its a good clip of traditional martial arts in the ring. ... re=related

What do people think of Silat? I have tended to be impressed by it but I have never used any elements of it in my practice.

Also this clip against the "mighty" bjj ... re=related

I know its not really a good comparison but I like the fast entry of the Silat player.
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Re: Silat vs Wing Chun (mma thailand)

Postby Josh Young » Thu Nov 24, 2011 11:50 pm

I think Silat is really cool.

As the indian martial arts/dance traditions spread out across southeast asia, Silat developed, much like Muay Thai, both involve traditional dances set to music, in some cases the dance/martial art forms became regional folk dances, like sword dances or Burmese dance, in general associated with hindu or buddhist temples and practices, but in other cases they became martial arts like muay thai and silat and others.

Silat is one of these arts having this origin, it is highly impressive and effective and traditionally is practiced with music, much like the Wai-kru of muay thai, or bharatnatyam, which is related to indian traditional martial art that Dao-mo/Bodhidharma practiced.
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