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Low profile

Postby Phalanxpursos » Sun Sep 23, 2007 4:37 pm

Hi everyone.

Basically this topic is to say I had enough of fighting and so should you, basically in this modern society people use drugs. These drugs have a very heavy psychological impact on the brain, because of all the toxins the liver becomes overworked and the drugs-user becomes depressed and in later stages aggressive.

And besides not all drugs are really drugs (fake drugs make ppl die).

Because of all the fights I have been to in my life, have decided to keep a low profile these days. Which basically means living undercover, dressing in black at night and usually hang out during the day. Stay as much home as possible, avoiding any type of conflicts.

Basically I take cover from a society based on violence & drugs.

I do this for my own well-being, like Dr. Yang once wrote:,, If you know something is not good for you, don't get involved with it."

This is called righteousness.

Have never used hardrugs before, not even tried hardrugs. Just stay away from it because I lost so many friend because of it, this also goes for the food supplements, nutritions & anabolic steroids.

When will people learn it's all about morality and not so much about physical strength or prestige.
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