Hanging Qi Gong

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Hanging Qi Gong

Postby misterwhite » Fri Jun 15, 2018 6:29 pm

This question is for experienced martial Qi Gong practitioners:

45 years ago, when I was studying engineering at Ohio State, I found a book in the library stacks that was obviously about Qi Gong. I couldn't read the Chinese text, but had dozens of line drawings showing an adept hanging from a tree branch holding on with two hands.

What I should have done at the time was check the book out and take it to a Chinese master who lived in the area (although he didn't speak English). But I didn't, and I regret it.

Has anyone seen anything about this type of Qi Gong in their years of practice. I am sure that the principles are similar to other Qi Gong practices (proper alignment, relaxation, breathing, circulation, and so forth). But it was over 200 pages packed with text so I tend to think there was some detailed instructions that I am missing.

Thank you in advance

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