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Compass direction to face during Qi Gong

Postby Sascha » Sun May 22, 2005 12:38 am


I've been reading the Dr Yang book Embryonic Breathing which contains the following.

The ancient texts suggest 4 optimal times for practicing Embryonic Breathing.

For embryonic breathing at these times Dr Yang suggests the following in terms of directions to face (this is from memory).

Mornings (0500-0700) face
- East to gain energy (ie. face the sun)
- West to drain energy (useful if you're too yang)

At noon (1100-1300) face
- any way

Afternoon (1700-1900) face
- East to prevent Qi loss
- West to encourage Qi loss

Midnight (2300-0100) face
- South to gain Qi (line up with earth's energy poles)
- North to lose Qi

Full Moon - face the moon in the 3 days leading up to full moon. Don't face it when it is waning as you'll lose Qi.

The texts also say that if you're more advanced you can practice any time of day.
Directions presumably follow same logic.

Maybe these times and directions can also be applied to other forms of Qi Gong.
Anyone else got an opinion on this ??

Ofcourse the book is very good and I highly recommend it to others for reading.

I always suggest people confirm my comments by going to their origin for a full explanation (though in this case, part of the detailed explanation is in Dr Yang's the root of Chinese Qi Gong - ie. poles of the planet etc).
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