longevity and climatic conditions

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longevity and climatic conditions

Postby josemunoz63 » Sun Nov 03, 2013 2:37 pm

After reading and reading many times Dr. Yang's book " Embrionic Breathing ", I have perfectly clear that a calm mid, and a controlled spirit are the key to store the Qi in the lower Dan Tien and the key for the clear balance got in Bai Yi, between upper and lower Dan Tiens. But my question is:

If we practice in a soft weather, in really good climatic conditions, like an " always spring ". Don't you think that we could store and keep much better the Qi ? and thus to achieve easier thelongevity from Daoism point of view ?
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Re: longevity and climatic conditions

Postby Sanfung » Wed Jan 07, 2015 11:38 am

Originally I was going to start my own thread on this question, but did a forum search to see if anyone else were talking about it, so please do forgive me for resurrecting such an old topic.

My family may be planning a move soon in order to get to a better climate, in part because of my mother's respiratory problems, and I had wondered if it would have a positive influence on my ability to cultivate.

That being said, I had also wondered if not always having the nice conditions you described would somehow make one soft - for instance, if you had that "always spring" you described, would you still be as resilient when it comes to storing and keeping Chi should you enter poor weather conditions?
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