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Postby cgarland » Sun Feb 06, 2011 10:18 am

warriorarts09 wrote:Spring forest is good. Chunyi lin touched on alot of things in there, so many systems out there, I find it best to do one you like the most, its all energy work.... SFQ does teach harvesting of chi, and good energy work, great for all... I do other than SFQ. But lately I been doin one hour per day of an exercise from SFQ.. doing this for 100 days, then later in day I do more qigong... I concentrate on lungs, cause of problems from the past... in my later sessions.... I agree with you on many people doing Qigong without proper knowledge. I know a guy that does tai chi and qigong in a town close to here. I ask them about it, and they dont have a clue what there doing and why,, just learning a bunch of exercises... that s no good...

Intention comes from the soul and the mind moves the visualization....(energy) ..

right, exactly, there are people out there who are just taking peoples money and not really teaching them anything, it is not good, and to the point of flaky that i made before, it just seems like there is a fair share of it out there, when respected organizations like pbs present full one hour specials on individuals who clearly look unbalanced and comes off as being flaky, instead of getting someonegood in there who really know what they are doing. I like doing the set, as well as chi gong execises (the chi gong techniques i've learned -mo dong hei morn is the system name) but it was only after several years of tai chi that they were taught to me and it was based on readiness- groundedness) , there is just a warmth and fullness that you get that makes you feel happy, joyful, humorous, and at one with things, and the chi feels right when the ocean of chi remains sunk in your tan tien even as you circulate chi throughout your body, and when people are not connected to that root as they circulate chi it can cause problems particularlly when anyone who is just starting out can read something on the interent or in abook and just go off and try it on their own outside of a controlled environment and not even be aware of potential risks. It seems like we live in a quick fix culture, obsessed with instant gratification, (McDonalds phenomena), where they don't want to put the time and energy in which really is antithetical to the whole subject of Tai Chi and chi gong, as it is based on existing in the now and losing preconception. Peoplenowadays think, I should be taught this now, I shouldn't have to wait and I think it really speaks to the arrogance in our culture and the obsession with instant gratification in our culture.
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