improving qality of original essnese..

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improving qality of original essnese..

Postby vamos » Fri Oct 15, 2010 7:27 am

if under the 5 origin theory the kindenys reach a state of 'no fire' strength then surely the essence can/will only stregthen comparably???

i have a feeling im wrong..but i dont know how/why
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Postby joeblast » Mon Oct 18, 2010 9:49 am

ehhhh, the kidneys are a little different in their operation - there is kidney yang as well as kidney yin, and with the kidneys there's almost never problems of excess, it is problems of deficiency. its a little more complex than fire or no fire, they can have a deficiency of yang, yin, or both - what you are describing almost sounds like a deficiency of both - which is especially bad because at the stage of depleted kidney yang as well as kidney yin you absolutely have an accompanying loss of vitality.

you'll have to be a little more specific ;)
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Postby vamos » Sun Oct 24, 2010 1:38 pm

This is my interpretation.
ok.the original essence(on top of the kidneys,adrenal glands)work at best efficiency when the kidneys are strong. according to the 5 qi's towards there origin each organ has a qi level which if it passes it is working to yang and if it is under to yin.when working at correct level it has no fire.
This is in dr.Yangs DvD's/books..the original qi is formed from the essence and then moves through the body?including the kidney?
when the essense is Strong? kidneys must be strong?
But are you saying from your statement that as the kidney is attatched to the hormones then it can take almost unlimited amounts of original Qi and function ok?whilst the other organs cannot?heart,lungs,etc?
original essence can be strengthend..How and How much?

I have to say i dont really understand organ qi as against organ yang and yin?is say the spleen yang used to nourish the rest of the body whilst yin is for itself?

So how is say qi different from spleen yang and spleen yin or kidney qi from kidney yang and kidney yin?is yang and yin the formation from the qi?
when you talk of say kidney qi is that the original qi formed from essence or original qi that has reached the organ and then transformed/changed into kidney qi and is now different from original qi?

Crikey!!hope it makes sense!!
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