How to make the body warmer?

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How to make the body warmer?

Postby yeniseri » Sun Sep 05, 2010 7:26 am

An acquaintance of mine asked me this question and I will try to simply it.
1. Wear a T shirt
2. Wear long pants as opposed to shorts!

That being said, in cold weather one may need to warm the body so better to rely on appropriate foods (dietary) to increase metabolism.
a. Physical activity is good for raising metabolism

If one is always "cold" then seeing the family physician is in order.

A complementary method consists of the following;
a. Standing Baduanjin
b. Sitting Baduanjin

At the end of one or the other, keep hands at qihai for 15 minutes then on completion. dry wash face, neck, rub hands together and follow a similar pattern of shougong routines espoused by one's teacher(s).

Motive and behavioural attitudes also help to calm the mind thereby increasing the body's warmth. Less ego and corresponding constructs, mental and physical blockages alleviate the attachment(s) so increased circulation.
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Postby kudzu28 » Sun Sep 05, 2010 8:26 pm

Don't drink anything cold before or after your practice. I have read that this shocks the body. :)
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Postby joeblast » Mon Sep 06, 2010 11:03 am

I was wondering if that op was a question or a statement :P

Keeping the back of your neck covered when its cold is good as well. Ears too, even if you dont have anything else covered.

Along the lines of hand training, it is also possible to improve the transference of heat through the laogong points. We all face our hands towards a heat source when cold - indirect warming of the heart via the pericardium channel! That spreads via the channels (pericardium is interiorly/exteriorly coupled with the sanjiao, for one) as well as through the cardiovascular system. What got me started was "laogong sipping" - sip up the heat through the laogong points just like you are sipping a milkshake up a straw :wink: In my experience, the heat goes spring-stream-river-sea, and disappears at the sea point around the elbow and reappears as a heat-distributive shiver in the back around T5. So when I'm cold in the winter I'll repeat this process 2-5 times, after which I'm pretty toasty!

A trickier method is to utilize heat sources that are further away - I was able to get a measure of it to happen with a neighbor's fire 50, 80 yds away with perhaps 25, 30% of the efficiency. Slightly less for no heat source at all, mind only - but at that point, you'd get better results doing some tummo 8)
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Postby bandler » Thu Oct 21, 2010 9:26 am

i have found simple silk reeling exercises work and well as the 8 brocade, though with the cold weather maybe an opportunity to practise using the mind to guide the qi to these places to warm them?? any thoughts anyone??
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Postby runestone0 » Fri Oct 22, 2010 1:40 pm

Years ago before I started qigong I had perpetually cold hands and feet--perhaps "Reynaud's Syndrome" (if I spelled correctly). And I worked out Western style--weights, karate, running etc. I noticed after a few months of standing post that was no longer the case. My feet and hands have been warm for over 15 years--I was amazed. The same thing happened with the rest of my body; I used to stand in the New England winter, as long as it wasn't windy, even down to 10 degrees--and at the end of an hour or so I'd be totally soaked with sweat. I'd run inside and take a shower. Oddly, a few years back I suddenly felt more susceptible to cold and take it inside in late fall and winter. I read in a Chinese medicine book that a man's body changes at certain ages--one of the ages was 48. That's just about the time I stopped standing outside in winter.

Of course, I always stood in just a jockstrap--maybe wearing clothes would help!
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