training wai dan in your head

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training wai dan in your head

Postby vamos » Fri Jun 25, 2010 8:13 am

found that walking round the shops doing eight peices made me look a bit odd! to alot of people so often now train this and other wai dan ithrough thought only and can feel things happening increase chi or whatever.also can hit acu points directed through brain /yi to make this happen..anyone else tried this??any type of wai dan.

havent tried nei dan at all which i know is alot of mind.

also, i think that as the liver is connected to the g/blad which is connected to belt vessel which couples with governing vessel it is very important for finding body balance and hence mind balance and suppling chi for head from via kidney essence.could the forum confirm this?i read in dr.yangs book many people think that the liver has a heavy influence on the mind .this is why i think it is so..
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