Enlightenment and Mysticism

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Enlightenment and Mysticism

Postby Urgeist » Sun Mar 28, 2010 5:09 pm

I think the religious aspects of Gongfu are often overlooked! I remember very clearly being deeply absorbed in my kungfu practice for four months, which I rank among the greatest months of my life... The shcool I went to trained for 90 minutes in various forms, sets, defense applications and exercise drills. The last 30 minutes were spent meditating. I ghave explored meditation in greater depth since then (did some chi kung and zazen) and it seems to me, based on my limited experience, that there was something special about combining kung fu forms (I am thinking of the 18 Lohan Set), exercise and meditation which just made my chi grow incredibly powerful very very quickly. I began feeling transoformed. Gonfu is something spiritual. Its about defeating yourself and not others, which makes it - if taught correctly - superior to all the other martial arts Ive come across (not to say that I know them all and not necessarily in brute fighting!). I ionce asked my old Sifu why you dont see any kung fu masters compete in UFC, and he said because they have nothing to prove. This might sound rediculous or like a guru type cop out but from a Gongfu perspective it makes complete sense. Gongfu teaches you a form of interacting in the world (call it morality, common sense, whetever) that, I would guess, anyone who attains will say, this is it Ive found it, this is objective. Ive studied Kung fu at a total of 6 different schools on two continents and hardly any of them knew about the more psycholocal aspect of training described here. Further, all the zazen and chan buddhist temples Ive visitied to practice meditation with completely overlook any physical regiments designed to enhance meditation. all they do is meditate, which isnt as effective!

I wanted to know what some of the forum gurus on here make of my experience. Am I deluding myself? Is this something you can relate to? Anyone further ahead in this path than me?
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Postby joeblast » Thu Apr 01, 2010 8:51 am

If you've got the time to put in, meditation is great after you're doing forms or even just standing. Energy expended, heat created, qi raised - put your toys away when youre done playing 8)
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Postby Josh Young » Mon Apr 12, 2010 6:08 pm

What does Kung-fu mean anyway?

A man sought to learn to play a flute he was given by his greatest friend, he bought a book which showed him where to put his fingers and how to blow through the flute and so he did it a few times and found he was not very good at it, and so he threw his book and flute away.

Another man happened upon the book and flute. He picked them up and read of how to learn to play the flute, and practicing every day he became a great master of the instrument.

A man found a teacher, who taught him all he needed to know, but he doubted the teachings and moved on.
He met another teacher, who again taught him all he needed to know, but he did not practice the teachings and so he moved on.
He met another teacher, who one again taught him all he needed to know, and then made the man practice it by sitting there with him while he did it.
The man exclaimed, "At last I have found the right teaching"
And the teacher doubting the man, moved on.
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Postby Josh Young » Mon Apr 12, 2010 6:15 pm

What book?
What flute?
What greatest friend?
What teacher?
What kung-fu?
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