Water method, Fire method, Water channel, Fire channel?

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Water method, Fire method, Water channel, Fire channel?

Postby tylerzambori » Sun Feb 07, 2010 5:31 pm

hi all,

I'm very new to qigong. I started out with reading Bruce Frantzis'
"relaxing into your being," in which he states that the "water method"
is safer than the "fire method." However, what he describes does seem
hard to do ( I mean the inner and outer dissolving).

I then did a little looking around because I am not one to just take
the word of the first writer I come across. I foudn out that "bone
marrow washing" is a Yin method, and that Dr. Yang writes about it,
but it's advanced. So what can the beginners do that is safe?
For that matter, exactly what kind of danger are we looking at here?

I found this old thread on this forum:


But the discussion seems to be centered around the Fire and Water
"path" in the human body, not the Fire and Water "methods."

I have Dr. Yang's books in my amazon wish list, but they are not yet

I just got this qigong dvd called "fire and water qigong," and it seems to just
differentiate it between 40 minutes of relaxing qigong, and 40 minutes of energizing qigong, to be done at different times I suppose.

I got another one called: " Cleanse & Build Inner Qi - Qi Gong for Long Life"
by John Milton which is supposed to have some bone marrow washing in it.
It was cheap, and it's supposedly well instructed.

There seem to be a lot of confusing definitions. What exactly are "the Water methods," and does anybody besides Bruce Frantzis write about it in English?


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