New - 8 Pieces Brocade Questions

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New - 8 Pieces Brocade Questions

Postby lilmitch » Wed Dec 02, 2009 1:57 pm


I've read and watched the YMAA series on Eight Pieces of the Brocade and since i do the Taiji Qigong 18 movements (subashi) qigong also where so much emphasis is placed on where the mind intent should be, Im' wondering:

a) video says "when mind goes up, qi goes down" on #1 should I just focus on the upward sensation of the body and the downward flow of qi is automatic?

b) is #7, punching with stare meant to actually end with a muscle contraction...b/c most qigong mention imagine the qi guiding the punch but do not tense the muscles...seems to me that the YMAA 8 pieces is actually saying go ahead and "tense the muscles" at the end of the punch.

c) on #8, up/down on toes where should the mind intent be (on the head on the way up? and on k1's in foot on way down?)

Thanks...I like the physical nature of 8 pieces and just trying to make it mesh with the other form of qigong I've been practicing that is more gentle but very mind intent guided.

Thanks for any help! This is my first post. I'm becoming a big fan of Dr. Yang.

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i give this a try...

Postby nitsuj » Fri Jan 15, 2010 7:45 pm

1st off, I'm not a expert on qigong theory (my grasp is very elementary at best) so I'm sure someone with more knowledge than myself should chime in in order to truly clarify.
I will try, with my limited understanding, to explain (based on the Analysis and the Lectures sections on the DVD).

A) Mind goes up to lead the qi upward. Qi goes down due to muscular contraction in the feet. This piece is meant to work the qi on the entire front side. Intention will move qi: your mind directing upward flow; muscular contraction will influence downward flow. See "Root of Chinese Qigong" for a detailed description of [i]why[/i] this is the case (or maybe it's not- anyone?). Using your mind will lead qi- but so will using your body without the sheparding mind.

B) First, note there are many variations in the forms themselves; what you learn from one source may differ from another.
The contraction is leading the qi away from the body through the arm channels. My understanding is that this is meant to lead any qi out from the body to prevent any coagulation, or stagnation, of qi in the body.

C) I did not find a "target" for the mind for the last piece. I think the safest bet is to stay focused on the lower dan tian. My VERY limited knowledge of embryonic breathing would suggest that keeping your mind on the upper [i]and[/i] lower dan tian (in essence your sensing these targets and the space in between) might be a more effective means of smoothing the qi from your head to your toes.

Hope this helps, and I look forward to any input from those more experienced and knowledgeable.
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