dangers of gigung

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dangers of gigung

Postby DOM » Mon Oct 24, 2005 9:39 am

I posted this in responce to another topic,but decided to start a new one in hiopes of more responces.I feel that I did some harm to myself doing chigung.I can not be positive because it could be just about anything.I have been practicing for some time know and getting deeper into training it.For the past few weeks I have felt exstremly fatiged with muscle and joint pain.Lack of fucuse and a genralbad feeling of illness.But like I said this could be from a number of causes.I read Dr.Yangs root of chines chi gung some time ago when first starting out.Chapter 14 goes into what not to do and there causes.When I first read this I was alittle concerned but di not take it to heart.Maybe I should have I have taking another look and man there is some realy scary things to concider.I have not done smal or grand circulation wile sitting or have I tried to do it wile practicing white crane and taichi chigung.But even doing the 4 seasons set when you do white crane flying isn't this training your mind and body for small and grand circulation.I try not to activly think about it but I have read just about every think he has wrote and know about it.I have gone back to chapter 14 and find that ther is a whole lot of things to concider and rules to follow.I now wounder if that one has to follow these rules to the letter,is it possable for a every day pearson to safely practice.I started practicing to inhance my martial training and health,but mostly for health.If it can be so dangerouse then what am I doing?I feel this subject needs to be exsplored more deeply and more often.I can not talk to those who have no understanding so I felt this would be the right place to ask and discusse these issues.
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Training Safely, hope this gives you some sound advice

Postby abersold » Mon Oct 24, 2005 12:54 pm

Hi Dom,

Without trying to give you any of my personal comments or another expierenced "Know It all" view point a very sensible thing you might consider is maybe look into a expierenced Chinese Medical Doctor that has the training that could do a proper assesment of you. Your body could have been developing an imbalance prior to this. They will do many exams on pulse, eyes, tongue, organ points etc.. This is a for sure as best as you can get in the Asian Medicine & if your lucky enough many are very well versed in Chinese Qigong also.

Qigong is a branch of Chinese Medicine and share the same guiding Theory's. You might want to consider contacting also a branch Instructor of YMAA, I personally recommend Ramel Rones http://ramelrones.com he is one that I know and could give you proper training. The Qigong that Dr. Yang teaches is very safe but without a teacher you could be doing variant Mind-Body principles incorrectly. The products are a supplement, you can learn but with a correct guide you can learn safely for sure.

I have worked with many students, professional's & usually recommend "The Eight Brocades" set this is an excellent practice that is very under estimated, most only do "8" symeterical sides of each part. But can practiced 25, 50 or how many you want. I have a friend and he practices each part 100 times each part of the standing, sometimes selections from the sitting, he calls this his "800 rep wonder" and is an excellent shape and has incredible Power. He prefers to focus on simplicity and develop deeply.

Have you ever done any Sitting & Standing Meditation? This is also a very under estimated practice, I personally like this practice since anyone at any level can learn this no matter a persons health condition. You can contact Sifu Fong Ha http://fongha.com he offers a DVD for sale & is a Master of YiQuan & Zhan Zhuang practice.

I understand your frustration since Qigong at times in the early stage can feel like such a 'Twilight Zone" subject, but I know that Master Yang has taken many steps to assist all of us in our learning. Try to connect with a branch teacher...

I hope this helps, bare min. get a teacher with expierence, if not one by you come to a Seminar or book a private lesson. Regroup your thoughts and give Qigong a another fair try maybe those sets are not right for you right now.
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Postby DOM » Mon Oct 24, 2005 4:54 pm

thanks for your reaply I hope others will join in on this subject too.Very good advise thanks.I am looking for a chinese dr.to confide in and heal any thing that mite have gone wrong or mite go wrong in the future.I have stoped for now and intend to go back to the basices.I was also intending to start with the 8 pieces of brocade.I have been training martial arts for 20 years and chigung for about 4 years every day at least once usualy more.There are very specific rules in chapter 14 the root of chi gung.It seems to be for all chigung practice.I practice a lot of martial chigung mostly soft chigung,and was practicing alot of the primary set and the coiling set of tachi.It seems the deeper you get the more dangerous it could be if you deviate from these rules.I also practice with a long time student of Dr.yang.I feel I was on the right path but did diviated from these rules.It seems all to easy to do so at a deeper lever.For example you have to be carefull to how soon you practice befor and after sex,somhing like 3days.Can not eat greasy foods,can not be distracted by anything,even the weather is a concern,this is only a few of the 24 rules and they go in to much more deapth.Even to be concerned with somthing going wrong can cause deviation.But how can you not be concerned after reading this chapter.It says things like if you do this or not do that it caould be dangerous or exstremly dangerous and can bring great harm.i feel at this stage of my training I will have to wait intill I have my own kwoon or meditation room were I can control the enviorment and distractions.
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Postby snake » Tue Oct 25, 2005 7:15 am

I have a long history of Yoga type meditation and have experienced many weird sensations and visual and auditory stuff ,I feel it unbalanced me and for a long time I suffered panic attacks and agrophobia which I still have but much less now but I think it depends how rooted a type of person one is to begin with,My own energy was pretty much up and out to start with and I now try to do more rooting stuuf to balance and it seems to be helping.
Good luck :D
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