Tai Chi and playing the dizi

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Tai Chi and playing the dizi

Postby Mach » Thu Sep 14, 2017 4:11 pm

When I first started learning the forms I used to practice to music, Chinese flute mostly. Later I found a great place and started listening to my surroundings with all my scenes. I still like the dizi even though I stopped practicing with music. I'm the sole caregiver to my Mom with dementia although I can still get away in the wee hours of the mornings to practice I still have lots of time so I decided to learn the dizi. I can't say I was surprised on how close the learning of the two arts are.
First it takes some effort to even get a sound. After that you learn how to play the notes maybe a song mechanical like learning the forms with no applications. Next you memorize the notes and how they sound. Once that is done you can make music not a known song (mechanical) but music, you know without thinking what note to play next it comes from within. So you have to breath correctly your still using your yi to lead the qi. Smooth, round and flowing you manifest your power as music that can be heard. When it comes from the spirit you can touch the people that heard it.
Pondering this has made my Tai Chi practice deeper and better. Anyone else??
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