Dao form

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Dao form

Postby Monsoon » Mon Dec 31, 2012 5:17 pm

I have recently completed an experiment to see if I could learn a form entirely from a DVD. Of course, I did have prior experience and training in hand forms, so I was already familiar with the theories. However, I found the process to be relatively easy. So now I have a passable Yang Sabre (Dao) form to play with.

Unfortunately I do not have any local partners to practice two-person drills with so I am stuck with the form for the moment. Having said that though, I do find this form to be rather simple, and certainly (at the moment) lacking the depth, interest and intricacy of the jian form.

So, how do other practitioners feel about this weapon?

I wonder whether it should be included in taiji curricula as it feels far more external to me than internal - but perhaps that is just my lack of understanding at this time.

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