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Postby Flip » Mon Aug 08, 2005 9:03 pm

i'm studying hung gar and yes we have yelling like karate under my teacher's system.

tiger claw strikes have a sound that is kind of like "whack", snake strikes have a "ssssss" sound, some palm strikes have a "hee" sound attached to them, and some have a sort of grunting "humph"

The tiger and the "hee" sound are the most pronounced.

But yes, if you get clocked in the jaw w/ your mouth open you will be rocked and possibly knocked out more easily.
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Postby TenTigers » Tue Aug 09, 2005 7:53 pm

different sounds resonate in different parts of your body, higher pitch resonates higher in the chest while lower pitch resonates in the dan tien. Likewise, different strikes require different breathing sounds. Short quick strikes will use a quick "Hite" while deep rooted punches will use a "ha" sound from the dan tien. Kicking if you are jumping will also breathe higher in the chest, just as breathing higher in the chest when floating in the water will give you boyancy.
Different sounds also carry with them emotional content, and will develop or control emotional/spiritual states. The "Ha" sound generates Yang energy, which is akin to laughter. This raises T cell count,and strengthens the immune system. The Dragon uses this sound and develops indomitable spirit. The "Wah" sound when doing the Double Tiger Claw, comes from the solar plexus, and is associated with the release of emotional energy, hense the Tiger is Angry, but if used in standing meditation, in a calm method, the 'wah' sound will release pent up emotional turmoil, thus relievig stress. Do you get a "knot in your stomach" when you are angry? Try the "wah" sound.
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