YMAA Forum Terms & Code of Conduct

  1. Controversial topics
    Discussion of controversial topics can sometimes turn into a heated debate. That's not a problem as long as the Forum rules are fully respected. In particular, you may exercise extra caution to not insert any off-topic comments about other users who replied before you. Debate ideas, concepts, philosophies, meaninings, theories,... and do not make ad hominem attacks. Refrain from making general statements ("all..." , "always...", "clearly"), be careful with exaggerations and don't assume that there's only one truth...
  2. Stay on Topic
    When replying, be sure to read the entire topic. Why? When reading these discussions, it gets annoying seeing different users replying with the same thing on each page, or discussing something entirely different from the announced topic.
  3. Warning
    Moderators will be monitoring the posts and all who violate the Terms & Code of Conduct may be given a warning, posts or topics can be edited or deleted, when in serious violation individuals may be suspended from Forum activity and in extreme cases banned from our message boards.
  4. Rules Violation
    Please note that violation of the Forum rules by another user does not mean that you don't have to comply with the rules either. Contact a Moderator Team Member instead or simply use the “post report” feature to report the post.

Prohibited violations include the following:

  1. Posting Large Images
    Images posted on the forums that are larger than 500 pixels width or height may slow down loading of the Internet page, if you want to post large images then please host the picture yourself and post a direct link or a thumbnail.
  2. Spam/Capslock
    Off-topic, irrelevant and multi-posts that obstruct forum dialogue, this includes writing in Capslock and posting anything just to increase the postcount.
  3. Flame
    Expressing anger at someone with inappropriate comments (i.e. swearing, being obnoxious, threatening etc). You do not need to curse to be a flamer. Erudite slams while maintaining a veneer of politeness can also be considered flaming. We are martial artists, let’s maintain some martial morality.
  4. Flamebait
    Posts that are made with the aim of angering someone indirectly. Not outright flame, but still liable to bring angry replies. Flame baiting is a far more subtle and covert action; it is an underhanded tactic that is designed to provoke a response. It's in the same context of trolling but with flamebaiting it's just the one person.
  5. Thread Hijacking
    Appropriating a thread for a discussion totally unrelated to the original purpose of said thread. Hijacking can take the form of a single post or a long discussion. Such posts may be split or deleted, and the poster be hit with a warning.
  6. Trolling
    Posts that are made with the aim of angering people (like for example 'ALL TAIJI PRACTICIONERS ARE SLOW AND STUPID' ). While Trolls often make these posts strictly in an attempt to provoke negative comment, it is still trolling even if you actually hold those beliefs. Intent is difficult to prove over the Internet, so moderators will work under their best interpretation of the context.
  7. Impersonation
    Impersonation of another person by either user name or self-representation.
  8. Unauthorised Advertisement
    Discuss, advertise or promote the usage of unauthorized websites, pirated software, or commercial goods is not tolerated and will be deleted.

Changes and Updates
These Terms & Code of Conduct may be amended from time to time. Any amendment is effective immediately and supersedes all previous versions.