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Paul Moran


YMAA Dublin

YMAA Program Classes:
  • Taijiquan Sequence
  • Taiji Qigong
  • Shaolin Long Fist and White Crane
  • Qin Na
  • Qigong

Paul Moran

About YMAA Ireland

We are the Dublin Representatives of Yang's Martial Arts Association. We offer classes in Shaolin Longfist and Ancestral Whitecrane Kung Fu, Tai Chi Chuan, Pushing Hands, Chin Na, Wrestling and Full Contact Sparring. All of our classes are run under the guidance of Master Dr. Yang, Jwing Ming. Private classes and corporate courses are also available. We also offer Self defence, Chin Na and Tai Chi Chuan courses to schools and corporate clients.

Our Kung Fu for Kids programme has been running for over 20 years and is an excellent way to build Respect, Self-Control, Discipline and the 3 C’s: Concentration, Coordination and Confidence.

Our goal is the promotion of Chinese Martial Arts in all areas of the community and to give our members a high level of confidence, increased health and self-defence skills in an enjoyable yet dynamic environment. We look forward to meeting you!

Shaolin Kung fu Classes

Our Shaolin Kung Fu classes are open to all (13+). At YMAA we train in both External and Internal Martials arts. A typical Shaolin class is suitable for beginners and more advanced students alike. We begin each class with a combination of cardio-vascular exercises, ballistic movements, core body workouts and dynamic stretching routines. In a one and half hour class this part will normally last around 30 minutes. The next half an hour will cover a fundamental aspect of our external Kung Fu styles. The students will be taken through a lesson on some aspect of our Shaolin Kung Fu syllabus. The final half an hour is left aside for some free practice so each student can focus on their next Shaolin grading. Senior students will help teach and guide beginners during this time.

Any member who has completed the 1st level of Shaolin can take part in further training for an hour after the regular class. This allows the more advanced students to delve deeper into the styles or push on towards their next grade with the other senior students. A student who trains regularly and practices hard will be able to complete the first level within one year. This of course depends greatly on the fitness levels, coordination and determination of each individual.

From the second Shaolin level onwards our syllabus contains Bo Staff, Sabre and sword training as well as more advanced Shaolin sequences. We offer a free trial week if you are interested in expriencing what we do! Our class Schedule!!

YMAA Ireland

History of YMAA Ireland

YMAA Ireland was established in 1996. Our school director of the time, Ms. Carol Stephenson spent considerable time training at YMAA Headquarters in Boston, and also invited Master Yang to teach in Dublin. Ms. Stephenson had been involved in Martial Arts for much of her life and established our school ‘Wei Chi Kung Fu school’ in 1984. Her search for a deeper understanding of the martial arts brought her to Master Yang and our provisional school opened in South County, Dublin during Master Yang’s visit in October of that year.

In 2004, Mr. Paul Moran was appointed Director of YMAA Ireland and took over all aspects of Ms. Stephenson’s school. Mr. Moran set his goal to open a dedicated home for YMAA Dublin to act as a Headquarters for YMAA in Ireland. YMAA Ireland San Shou Another important task for Paul on taking the reins was to promote Chinese martial arts to all areas of the local community and to also build the name of YMAA to all areas of Ireland. In 2009, YMAA Clonmel was welcomed into YMAA International. YMAA Clonmel focuses in the internal aspects of the martial arts training Tai Chi Chuan, Pushing Hands and Qigong.

Also in 2009, after many years of searching, YMAA Dublin found its new home when Mr. Moran opened the doors to his fulltime dedicated centre. The Martial Arts Centre is a 3500 sq/ft premises specially built for training Chinese martial arts. The Academy houses not only YMAA Ireland, but also Kung Fu 4 Kids, Progressive Martial arts for pre-teens and teens, and Wei Chi Sanshou club. These ancillary clubs offers its own specific area of interest to different members of the community but each also acts as a feeder to YMAA Ireland. It is hoped that this will allow more people to join YMAA international and gain experience in quality martial arts instruction. YMAA Dublin trains all aspects of the YMAA program. Both the internal and external elements of the programs are practiced regularly.

To deepen the knowledge at YMAA Ireland, we annually host the Presidents of YMAA Poland and Portugal annually and are always eager to invite Master Yang to Dublin when he is traveling. YMAA Ireland also travel annually in large groups to YMAA Portugal summer training camps, and Mr. Moran with fellow coach instructor Damian Fox, travel to Boston each year for the YMAA Winter Seminars.

Having completed his Shaolin level 5 in February of 2010, Mr. Moran’s latest goal is to complete his Shaolin level 6 allowing YMAA Ireland to become a fully-fledged branch of YMAA international. Perhaps this can be achieved during our 15th year of YMAA membership.

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