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Victor Marques


YMAA France

YMAA Program Classes:
  • Taijiquan Sequence
  • Taiji Qigong
  • Shaolin Long Fist and White Crane
  • Qin Na
  • Qigong
  • Pushing Hands

YMAA France Victor Marques

YMAA France began in October 1990 when a few members of the famous Shobudo « La Montagne » Club in Paris joined a training seminar with Dr Yang Jwing Ming. Thanks to Ramel Rones who visited and taught during more than six months, the YMAA France succeeded in officially opening in March 1994. Victor Marques, one of the very first pioneers of YMAA France became President in February 2009 after fifteen years of direction by Pascal Plée.

During more than ten years, Victor has developed with his assistants and school directors a constant work to permit people to practice and develop their own abilities on Chinese martial arts.

Victor is now the most graduated YMAA France teacher in Shaolin Kungfu, Yang Taijiquan and Qin na. In order to continue improving his martial art, Victor continues to travel in Europe to meet other YMAA Clubs such as in Belgium, Portugal, Spain, England and also to South Africa and USA (Boston). According to Victor, it appears to be the best way to compare and share training methods and keep on improving techniques. He also assists Master Yang seminars in France.

In October 1996, Victor met Master Li, Mao -Ching, Dr Yang, Jwing-Ming's Longfist master in Paris. In 2004 (South Africa) and in 2006 (Brenna, Poland), he assisted Master Kao Tao, Dr Yang, Jwing-Ming's Taijiquan master. And again, during the national Portugal Summer Camp in August 2009.

In Paris, the two YMAA official schools led by Victor Marques (YMAA Paris 11 and YMAA Pelleport) offer to practice all the YMAA martial arts such as Chang Quan, Bai He Quan, Tai Chi Chuan, Chi Kung but also specific trainings especially developed by Victor: méditation, Tui Shou, Qin Na, San Shou, self défense, Pu tong An Mo and to pratice with bâton long, épée et sabre.

YMAA France is growing in France with new schools :

  • 2 main centers in  Paris (YMAA Paris 11 et YMAA Pelleport),
  • 1 school in Dijon (YMAA Dijon)
YMAA France

Moreover, many others schools in France may soon join YMAA : Alès, Nice, Metz and La Rochelle. YMAA France continues to develop itself thanks to Victor Marques' efforts to gather European YMAA school and to propose more and more seminars in France, in Greece and Morocco, and also by organizing specific trainings for private companies.

In order to fit the modern way of training and various requests of new practitioners, children, youths, and seniors , YMAA France proposes new kind of workshops to study balance, breathing, concentration and to focus on some modern diseases. Victor is also focusing on martial arts philosophy, such as the necessity to balance the body and the soul, by proposing to mix martial training and other interesting practices such as climbing, archery, theater, calligraphy, shiatsu and so on…  Finally, it is a way to fully live its martial art !

The main essence of the Art is Friendship. A newsletter, an official website, and various celebrations permit students to gather and develop friendship. You can come with your friends, your family and win a book or a free seminar for each new person’s inscription at YMAA.  Very soon, YMAA France will launch a store in order to propose a selection of books, DVDs and all the material necessary for better training.

Resume :
YMAA France in Paris is :
- a traditional martial art school since 1994
- a school to help to preserve Chinese martial arts and adapt them for all people
- traditional energetic practice for health
- More than 20h for practice for collective class
- Private class (for particular people or company (in workshops)
- free class for new people for testing and to help to make a choice
- free class or free seminar for new people that the YMAA student brings
- a store to offer books, DVDs, practice material (balls, bricks and wooden weapons) and practice clothes.

Traditional Chinese martial arts for everybody! YMAA France.

Visit the French version of the school at the article page.

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