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YMAA Boston Seminar Reservation

To make a reservation for seminars at YMAA Boston please fill in the form below. Please make sure the information is accurate as they will be used to contact you and confirm your reservation.

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Seminar participants only. When seminars are in session only. 1700 sq. ft. YMAA Studio (US$20 per night; Sleeping bag required; Hardwood floor; Shower & air conditioning). PLEASE CONFIRM YOUR LODGING RESERVATION WITH US IF YOU INTEND TO STAY AT YMAA. We cannot guarantee you lodging without confirmation. Boston area hotels range from $80-$150/per night.
If you are staying at YMAA, let us know when you plan on arriving. Try to arrive before 6:00pm Friday night. PLEASE CALL US BEFORE YOUR DEPARTURE TO CONFIRM THAT WE WILL BE PRESENT TO OPEN THE DOOR.
Any comments you might have, including whether you are registering a group. Please list all people in your group.
Please click "Yes" to make the reservation. This is a required field.

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