Qi storing

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Qi storing

Postby Voidghost » Thu Nov 23, 2017 4:20 pm

Is the following Qi storing technique correct ?

QI STORING - - >In order to store Qi in the Real lower dan tian(The lower Dan Tian, also called the real Dan Tian, is where Qi is generated and stored in the body. It is also the physical center of mass in the body sources : https://ymaa.com/articles/basic-concept ... gong-part2 , http://ymaa.com/articles/taoist-breathi ... hing-hands ) or in the upper dan tian(The upper Dan Tian, in Western arcane lore referred to as the Third Eye, corresponds to the region of the head just above and behind the eyebrows. Anatomically it is paired with the pituitary gland source: http://ymaa.com/articles/taoist-breathi ... hing-hands ) or in middle dan tian(The middle Dan Tian is located at heart level and corresponds to the thymus gland source: http://ymaa.com/articles/taoist-breathi ... hing-hands) the following should be done at the same time
1. Budhist breathing(http://ymaa.com/articles/2014/1/nei-dan ... meditation )
2.The anus should expand on inhalation and withdraw on exhalation
3.The mind should think only the spot where the real lower(or upper dan tian or middle dan tian)dan tian is
4.The meditation practitioner should sit as Dr.Yang in the following link http://ymaa.com/articles/2013/01/qigong ... ng-thought
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