striking surface for ji

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striking surface for ji

Postby pilotfish » Mon Mar 19, 2018 6:16 pm


I'm working through the 37 postures dvd. I like the depth that shows the flexibility/variety of uses available for each move.

In the peng lu ji an sequence, Dr Yang explains that ji can be used with the leading fist as a phoenix eye to break the lower rib and/or strike the liver. But position for the hand is different from the position that he recommends for the sequence itself.

For the normal sequence, he says to put the heels of the hands against each other and wrap the fingers around the hands. He demonstrates how quick and violent the move is in a live situation.

Assume you're doing it to the right, with the right hand supported by the left, which pushes from the rear. BTW, which one is yin and which is yang? I don't want to guess.

For that position, what is the striking surface? It might vary in combat, but what's the ideal? Do you try to strike with the back of the right hand? The forearm (ulna and/or radius)?
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