What does it mean to "seal" someone/something?

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What does it mean to "seal" someone/something?

Postby pilotfish » Thu Nov 23, 2017 7:08 pm

If this is rudimentary please bear with me. I'm picky about the meanings of words because of the times that I thought I understood something and was off the mark.

In his Tai Chi videos Dr. Yang often uses this term. Am I right, that this means to "block" the opponent/the opponent's move? It seems that way but sometimes he also uses "block". We sometimes use words that are similar just as synonyms ("car", "automobile"), but sometimes subtle differences can be significant ("angry" can be just "upset" while "hostile" implies aggression).
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Re: What does it mean to "seal" someone/something?

Postby Mach » Wed Dec 27, 2017 6:19 pm

Hiya pilot
My rudimentary understanding is a block is a block when you seal you put your opponent in a position that he can't attack unless he changes his stance or position. Watch the vid closely The first form explains it some "begin Tai Chi" imagine your opponent hands are on the top of your arms. You coil your hands as you raise your arms so your hands are on top. When you lower your body it brings his/her arms down you've "sealed"them. Also watch when Dr. Yang has you place your leg/legs against your opponents so he can't kick you've sealed his leg. This is my understanding I hope it helps.
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